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Martha Jesty was brought up buy a famous dress maker for the elite in Lima, Peru where her passion for sewing and clothes designing started at a very early age. Her first dress making was at the age of 3 when she sewed the dress on her doll itself! In the 80s she run her own designer clothing business after finishing a 3 year Diploma course as a fashion designer at Geraldine.

With her taste for colours and design she started working for Unique a leading Peruvian cosmetics company in the mid-80s. She became regional manager and received training as a make-up artist in the same company.

Martha got married with an English man in Lima in 1990 and as soon as she arrived in London she got a job as a make-up artist and counter manager for the most prestigious cosmetics houses in the UK like Christian Dior & Lancôme where she was retrained in colours and styles for each individual woman.

In the last 4 years Martha has discovered that she loves oil painting and did some paintings to raise money for her charity and support group Help Women and Children. As a UK qualified life coach Martha teaches women the art of sewing and design as well as makeup and oil paintings among other topics.

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