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Sewing classes in Surrey

Learn how to sew your own clothes and redesign and customize clothing and accessories.

You can create a new garment or make it bigger or smaller, just bring your own project.

Sewing classes in Surrey are great for beginners even if you just want to learn how to use your sewing machine. Classes for adults and for children.

  • Learn how to use a sewing machine

  • Redesign an your own clothes with current trends

  • Create a new garment from scratch

  • Learn how to read pattern and alter them

  • Learn hand and sewing machine skills

Sewing course in Surrey:

LEVEL: beginners to intermediate levels mix ability class

COURSE DAY: Second Tuesday of each month

TIME: 10am-11.30am & 6pm-7.30pm

DATES: July 11, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Jan.9, Feb.13, March 13, May 8, June 12

COST GROUP: £25 per person per group class.

CLASSES ARE AT: Chessington, Surrey KT9

  • Sewing classes increase creativity and motor skills, develop patience and self-control and will help the environment by recycling your clothes and accessories.

  • Sewing classes develop new skills of creativity by redesigning an old garment or any accessory that needs repairing, altering, redesigning or revamping.

  • Sewing lesson is a therapeutic activity that will make you focus on a task both physically and mentally, improving in this way your mental wellbeing.

  • While sewing your garment your worries disappear because you concentrate on what you are doing. This activity is called mindfulness, being in the presence and absorbing everything that is happening at that very moment.

  • Sewing classes increases your hand-eye coordination and therefore you develop more agile mind and quicker thinking.

  • Once your garment or project is finished you feel a sense of achievement which builds your own self-esteem

Benefits of sewing classes

COURSE DAY: Second Tuesday of each month 4pm

PROJECTS: Bring your own project to redesign your own garments (make it bigger or smaller). Make your own top or learn how to use a sewing machine.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: to learn basic hand and machine sewing skills, listening and follow instructions skills, differentiating different materials, applying maths to take measurements, designing and planning (thinking before doing). Interacting and socializing with other children. Having fun.

BRING: a case with your own scissors (marked with your name) cotton threads different colours, pins, needles, tape measure, markers. Traced pattern for a top will be provided.

LEVEL: beginner to intermediate

COST: £36 for 3 sessions (£12 per session). This class is transferable, which means that if your child can’t make one day due to illness, she/he can be replaced by your child’s friend or sibling.

PRIVATE TUITION: any day of the week between at the time that suits you best.

COST PRIVATE TUITION:  £45 for 1 hour private tuition


Sewing course in Surrey for children